Internet multiple source bonding

Does anyone have any experience using a software Internet bonding service like Speedify?

This sounds like a great option for Live streaming as it says it combines mulitiple internet sources to provide more bandwith, speed and more reliablity. It sounds like a software version of the VidiU Go and LiveU.

Anyone’s experience with this or other options to have multiple internet sources would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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New one to me Tim. Last month we upgraded to gigabit fiber for the studio for more bandwidth and speed and cost is under $50 per month hardly a change from the previous much slower tariff. Speedtest confirms the performance really is 1gbps up and down, quite incredible and actually way more than needed for just streaming.

Thank you @tim_hughes

Most of my work is on location and the internet speed/reliability varies so I would like to be able to add extra internet connections to the mix in these situations to ensure a problem free stream.

With the Speedify solution, they say you can add multiple sources together. So on location I am thinking I would have the locations internet (wired ethernet) as well as having my 4G phone’s internet and possibly another 4G or 5G mobile internet device. Hopefully giving me peace of mind that the internet will not faulter.

I’d love to hear what others do to have redundancy / protection on internet access when streaming.

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We use the Teradek Vidiu Go. Works great. Telna Sims pick from AT&T or TMobile depending on what is faster and my Verizon hotspot adds a bit more. Most of our locations don’t have wired access so that was our solution and it’s great. I’ve read about Speedify but never used it. Not yet anyway. :slight_smile: Seems pretty good. Couldn’t hurt to test it.

I used Speedify in some Broadcasts at venues as well. I had access to the venue’s Wi-Fi but it was heavily used during production so I just opted for coupling 2 4g connections together. I have a data option, which lets me buy unlimited traffic for 24h for 10€.
I had a streaming PC available so I just hooked up 2 phones via USB tethering and choose the sim with the unlimited plan as primary and the second sim with limited traffic as secondary.
it worked really well for me and I’d say the money is well spent.


Tim…I haven’t used Speedify…but I just started looking at bonding hardware in the last day or so…and Speedify sounds freakin awesome!!
Going to test it out now, but for me, mobile streaming is what I’ll be doing mostly so it’s sounds a great solution without having to invest in expensive hardware…

LiveU / LRT is great but expensive for a casual streamer. Also that would be one more device that I don’t need on my back for a mobile stream.

Streaming from an ATEM Mini Pro, if Speedify can work on a Tomato firmware or something like that it would make my life a lot easier.

I have setup Speedify on my MacBook Pro which I control the stream on. I also bought a travel router with 1 WAN and 2 LAN ports. I can bring one internet source (hopefully wired ethernet or WiFi) in via the Travel router and then can combine one or two more internet sources to the MacBook via tethering 4G mobile sources.
Speedify seems to do a good job spreading the load and keeping the stream running with no buffering or issues.
This setup seems to offer more than other expensive options are offering but with more functionality than using a LiveU etc.
I hope this helps :slight_smile: