Internet Connection at Gig Venues

At home for testing ATEM Mini Pro is connected to router via ethernet and computer is on Wifi on same network and everything is great. How do I connect at a venue when provided only with an ethernet internet connection. Do I need a travel router so my computer can talk to my ATEM Mini Pro? Thanks!

A travel router will definitely be the easiest option here!

I use the GL-AR750S gigabit router which is perfect for this kind of thing. It has two ethernet ports and can also share and broadcast wifi. So you can plug in the venue’s ethernet, then ethernet to the ATEM Mini and your computer. Or you can join your computer to the router’s wifi if you don’t have an ethernet adapter. It’s really flexible for this kind of thing!

EXCELLENT! For computer I have an ethernet adapter but I’m using the only thunderbolt 2 port adapted to HDMI for input into the Mini as a source for Live Stream shows…so I’ll join my computer to the router’s wifi. Nice job on PhotoJoesph’s Live Stream today although I missed much of it as I was on a phone call. You went over the Youtube chat integration thing on your Live show last week. THANK YOU!!

Duh!! I just kind of realized (and successfully tested) that I have full software control via ATEM Mini Pro USB-C out to my computer so if I’m provided with an hard-wried ethernet internet connection from the venue am I correct that I would only need wifi for my computer to provide website or other live internet source material for the show and monitor the YouTube stream and chats OR if I needed to record via USB port?

Sounds correct Zach, although I would add a router or switch to share the wired internet connection with the other devices you need.

Thanks , Tim. That’s exactly what I have done by adding the GL-AR750s travel router to my mobile rig.

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