Integrated case for Atem Mini Pro and Monitor

I’ve just noticed that Caleb of DSLR Video Shooter has built and integrated case, with monitor, for an ATEM Mini Pro. It includes on/off switches, headphone out, hdmi-out routing for external monitor and cheese plate mounting for attachment to rigs. It seems fairly comprehensive and includes some passive cooling options which might be its weakest point.

He’s put a video on YouTube and also has detailed instructions on his blog for the construction. It seems pretty comprehensive but he’s also seeking feedback in the comments on YouTube … just the sort of thing that folks on here are probably going to be good at. Total construction price (inc monitor) was approx $375 iirc.

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Here is another idea for mounting the ATEM mini

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Yes, I saw this video before. It’s a great way of simplifying your gear. There’s one caveat, though, he used a 3D printer to create the inner parts; not everyone has access or funds for that. There was no alternative solution.

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I guess it depends upon where you live but here in the UK it’s possible to have 3D parts printed as a service and as the designs are provided you would just send these to the parts printing service.

Here’s an example