Instant Replay For A Hardware Switcher

Hey I’m looking to do instant replay for sports to a hardware switcher like a ATEM Mini. Best way I can figure out doing it right now is through OBS using the instant replay plug-in and using a capture card to get the camera feed into the computer and using the HDMI out or BMD UltraStudio Mini Monitor to output to the switcher, but this can only really handle one input.

Does anybody have any better ideas. ideally that would work on Mac and Windows

vMix has similar feature, more polished than the obs plugin. Multiple inputs to single output.
I’m currently setting up (and waiting for the opportunity to test) Nageru and Futatabi, similar software for linux.

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Yeah I like the VMix Software too but the biggest problem for me is it only runs on Windows. Would be great but is not enough money in the client budget

could you use a Hyperdeck that records and then plays it again ?

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Yeah I could try that as I have a few hyperdecks, I see somebody made a application for the Hyperdeck for replay. Just wondering how it’s fast enough to record and then playback might not be instant?

I think Doug Johnson uses Hyperdeck. You might ask him what the delay is like.

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