In ATEM Mini Pro Macro Heaven!

I just wrote my first set of macros in the ATEM Mini Pro for 5 Overlays, 7 Lower Thirds and few company logo and title slides. I labelled them Overlays 1-5 and Lower Thirds 1-7 so all I have to do is change the graphic or text media that I load into the same positions in the media pool and relabel them with event and speaker names for different events. Did a few permanent logo and title slides for my company too. I am so psyched! Thank you Aaron Parecki and PhotoJoseph for teaching me how to create macros in the ATEM Mini Pro!


Are you triggering these macros from the software or a hardware device?

Hi Dave…I’m just using the ATEM Mini Pro control software macro buttons and that alone has improved my production life tremendously. At this time I don’t even feel the need for the Stream Deck and Companion software. I’m sure I will in time want to trigger the macros outside the ATEM Mini Pro software platform…but right now just the Mini’s macros are so great compared to the non-macro convoluted, time and brain consuming several steps needed to change USK and DSK Luma and Chroma key, etc. settings and media pool grabs, etc.


Thanks for the feedback Zach!

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