Image Quality : Mini pro vs grabber like Camlink or like

Hi I’ve been looking at Stream made with the mini pro and they look rather soft, imho, Aaron’s one are probably the best one IQ wise… What is your experience with the Mini Pro Image quality ? Do any of you have or had a grabber like a Camlink 4K , and how does the the image quality compare to ?
Does the HDMI out of the mini pro provide a better IQ than the one from the onbord encoder?

The stream quality will depend mainly on the bitrate that is used. It has the capabilty to stream at very high but rate and quality. The HDMI feed doesn’t really help as to stream that needs to be encoded by something anyway. Another easier option is to use the USB output and encode that on a computer, but then why bother with the pro version?

I use the ATEM over a wireless network at the absolute minimum bitrate. It’s really horrible quality. Do not judge the quality of this product based on the livestream output in such adverse network conditions.

I think it depends on the stream.

In my previous set-up, I connected the ATEM Mini Pro over USB-C, using it as a virtual webcam for Zoom, using a WiFi connection.

I’ve rerouted everything. I added two WiFi repeaters, connected a 5-port ethernet hub to the last repeater, and plugged in all my devices to that hub (computer, ATEM Mini Pro, HyperDeck Studio Mini).

That helped a great deal. But I also moved from Zoom to Vimeo Livestreaming (over RTMP). Now the stream is a full 1080p30, 6mbps. After the stream ended tonight, I received two emails from viewers who shared that the video quality is way better than before. Vimeo Premium (the plan that allows for live-streaming) isn’t cheap at $75 per month. But to me, it’s worth it.

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HI, I understand that stream quality is function of the bit-rate allocated to the encoder. Having said that all encoder are not made equal and a a same bit rate tow different encoder (dedicated or not) produce different result. Looking at the few stream on youtube made using the minipro , I was kind of disapointed. as the image feels really soft.
Give I do not know what bitrate was used… I kind of assumed that Aaron is using “streaming High 6 to 9 Mb/s” as its among the better video.
The HDMI could help as it leave you the option to encode with something better if needed.
but yes it defeat the purpose of getting the pro in the first place.

USB is not such a great option imo as you chain compression RGB => MJPEG => H.264 .

Did any one of you try to record 20 sec in camera, stream 20 sec in @ streaming high, stream 20 sec in minipro at hiperdeck setting. and look at and compare the result?
Ideally we could record those but it seems that you may not specify the bit rate for recording " ATEM Software Control records your stream using H.264 compression with an optimized compression ratio to provide high quality video without large file sizes" so … you cant ?

Don’t forget that garbage in means garbage out of any encoder.
So do you know what cameras were being used and how they were setup?
I think this is the most important part of a sucessful stream.

A couple weeks ago PhotoJoseph did a test where he streamed the same video from the ATEM Mini Pro and the $8000 Epiphan Pearl, and the quality was very nearly identical. There were some differences in the dark colors but in terms of sharpness they were pretty much identical. I do think the quality of the camera and lens are a super important part of having a good quality stream.

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Dear Aaron thank you for your reply . If I read you right the atem mini encoder its as good as it get.

I’m using Sony Alpha cameras, capable of 4K output.
I was initially looking for a single cam solution to stream at highest quality.
then came across Atem mini review… => using all my camera has a ring to it… but if 1080 look mushy not so much.

I must have missed PhotoJoseph stream. thx for the info