HyperDeck Studio Mini no signal

Thanks in Advance,
I’m trying to figure out why my Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio Mini gives me a ‘no signal’ message when I insert the Lexar SDXC card. It’s been formatted to OS X Extended. I am trying to play videos which are exported from Premiere Pro 2020 on a ProRes 422 format like the Hyperdeck is set to. On the Atem Miniit reads no media available? Feedback greatly appreciated

It could be an SD card issue I attached a List of known supported SD cards. I would try a different SD card if possible.

Make sure the codec set on the hyperdeck is the same as what you’re playing back. That’s tripped me up a few times where the hyperdeck was set to h.264 cause I was recording something but then put in an SD card with a ProRes clip and it wouldn’t be recognized.

Thanks I figured out what I was doing wrong. The Hyperdeck is aptly named, it’s hyper sensitive to the exact settings!


yes it is! It gets easier with practice