Hyperdeck simulator/stream deck: autostart clip is possible

Hi, i have made a (quick & dirty) video about the raspberry Pi playoutbee & how to start & preview clips automatically with a stream deck. enjoy!

Playoutbee question of the day


Thanks Geert! its great to see Playoutbee on Pi in action.
Do you find the useability of it good? Easy to load videos?

Hi Tim, once you know how to do it, it’s quite easy to setup. You just need to to burn an imagefile to an SD card , put it in your Pi and off you go. I have made an “easy install” pdf. You can find it in the bytehive discord. Loading files can be done by a webinterface ans is easy as,push the upload button & select your file. The developper (Jonas) was also always very helpfull for my questions.
Good luck!


Geert, could you possibly post the ‘easy install pdf’ here on the forum?
I watched your video and it really intrigues me and I think I will be trying it out in the near future.
I also like the macros you created for the different video files and the preview. Very well done.

@Tod Please find here the easy install in 4 image files (no pdf upload possible here?)

Playoutbee Easy install procedure_Page4

This is helpful. Thanks Geert.