How to have Remote Video Guests as Seperate Sources in your Livestream for Free

Video Guide for broadcasting a video conference with remote guests on the cheap: Easy & creative methods for switching between separate webcam feeds manually in OBS or automatically displaying the active speaker.

I’m starting a new YouTube channel with the general topic of finding creative and cheap methods to increase the quality of your content. Watch my first video and subscribe if the topic interests you! :slight_smile:


This is fantastic! Welcome to the forum!

Love the energy and editing in this video! :tada:

Fantastic video Franz, thank you for sharing! I did see it a couple of weeks ago as I’m into the same thing and having trouble with video quality using Skype NDI into OBS.

Thank you both for the nice feedback!

@tim_hughes I’m not a huge fan of Skype NDI. Like you said the video quality isn’t really what you want and there are no quality settings or anything. Even in my local testings with virtual webcams and very good bandwidth, the video was always downscaled to 640x360.
What did you end up using?

We’ve kept Skype for now, still looking for a better solution. It’s for a weekly show to bring in remote guests, now lockdown restrictions are easing we can have more people in the studio and less reliant on the remote feeds. Nonetheless it would be great to find a better solution. Others have suggested Streamyard, but we want full control over layout in OBS. Jitsi meet was a bit too nerdy for the people calling in. I tried but that doesn’t work on mac with current obs version. Do you have any other ideas?

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Well, not for free but if you want reliability you should check out vMix call (3 months for free) or some kind of WebRTC app.


I don’t understand why you say Jitsi is too nerdy for the people calling in?
For them it’s just open a link without registration, selecting webcam and mic and they are in the call. I’d say Skype is more complex even :smiley:

For OBS.Ninja there are some workarounds for Mac:


Thanks @Samermachine, it looks like it will come to that. As I’m mac based also means bootcamping and I’ve not done that for years.

@Franz, thank you I’ll check those out and take a look at Jitsi meet again!

Sorry for the silly question but would facetime work on a spare mac or ipad? I have been trying to figure this out as one of our hosts is in canada and one is in usa and cant get up to our studio in canada

Thanks for this! Gut gemacht (Well done)!

I’ll have a look at the option for sure!

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