How do I set up a intro video for my live stream using the mini pro

I’m just getting started with live streaming.
I have the ATEM mini pro and the Elgato stream deck
I use ReStream for streaming.
So how do I set up an intro video to run at each live stream event ?

Thanks in advance

You need something to play the video. The Atem Mini Pro does not play videos (it’s “media players” only support still images - some of the big atems can play video like “animations” but not the Atem Minis at this price point).

There are lots of options:

  • BlackMagic HyperDeck (a little pricey, can be finicky about the video formats, but a good product)
  • An iPad with an HDMI out dongle and the right player app
  • A Raspberry Pi4 with the right software and HDMI cable (ie: PlayoutBee)
  • A computer/laptop with HDMI out using something like OBS or VLC Player

Probably more… but there are some ideas to get you thinking! I don’t use the iPad method… but maybe someone else on here can chime in and recommend what app to use with the HDMI output - I just know it exists and have seen it on some peoples setups.

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I think I’ve posted before (or maybe in the H2R discord), but I do like iMix 16 for playback from an iPad. You can even control it from Companion, which makes it super slick. I guess I should probably make a video about that…

I use QLab for this kind of thing, the free version is sufficient for this (Mac only).
Lovely easy interface and also plays nicely with Companion.