How do I set up a intro video for my live stream using the mini pro

I’m just getting started with live streaming.
I have the ATEM mini pro and the Elgato stream deck
I use ReStream for streaming.
So how do I set up an intro video to run at each live stream event ?

Thanks in advance

You need something to play the video. The Atem Mini Pro does not play videos (it’s “media players” only support still images - some of the big atems can play video like “animations” but not the Atem Minis at this price point).

There are lots of options:

  • BlackMagic HyperDeck (a little pricey, can be finicky about the video formats, but a good product)
  • An iPad with an HDMI out dongle and the right player app
  • A Raspberry Pi4 with the right software and HDMI cable (ie: PlayoutBee)
  • A computer/laptop with HDMI out using something like OBS or VLC Player

Probably more… but there are some ideas to get you thinking! I don’t use the iPad method… but maybe someone else on here can chime in and recommend what app to use with the HDMI output - I just know it exists and have seen it on some peoples setups.

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I think I’ve posted before (or maybe in the H2R discord), but I do like iMix 16 for playback from an iPad. You can even control it from Companion, which makes it super slick. I guess I should probably make a video about that…

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I use QLab for this kind of thing, the free version is sufficient for this (Mac only).
Lovely easy interface and also plays nicely with Companion.

The Micca Speck G2 1080p Full-HD Ultra Portable Digital Media Player is also an option.
There are a lot of stand alone media players for very little $
Amazon is always an option.

I use obs running on a laptop and have intro videos with hold music etc, there is also an easy way to integrate a countdown timer ‘overlay’ in obs. It’s also handy to be able to instantly switch back to your obs feed in case there are any issues in your ‘live’ cameras so can resolve them without ending the stream. I also have the various ‘scenes’ in obs controlled by individual buttons on the streamdeck.