Hi there, my first streaming setups

starting streaming in october, and here some pics of my setups
hope i get soon a good portable case for booth ATEM ; -)


Looks like fairly advanced streaming setups for your “first streaming setups”!! Well done, looks pretty slick.

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thank you, it was a matter of necessity.

especially since the livestreams are seen worldwide for tourism in vienna/austria, it had to be done almost right from the beginning.

even though i, at 62 years old, could not have imagined operating the internet, i have over 35 years of experience with technology and in the film industry.

so this might not be the final solution either +g*


nice set up!
how do you use the arturia controller?
what exactly do tou control with it?
it’s only MIDI right?
i like those labels on top of the pads too!

this is a remote control for davinci resolve

and yes, its MIDI

That’s awesome!
Thanks man