Help: Audio Drop Outs // Audio Re-Sync Issue Vimeo Stream

Hey lovely people,

the issue:
random audio drop outs during stream. Cannot reproduce issue when not live streaming to audience.

HERE at 9:03 → in some cases the issue was much more frequent.

the setup:

  • 4 Cameras (Sony alphas via HDMI into Blackmagic DeckLink Quad HDMI Recorder)
  • Mac Mini (2018. 6 core) with Studio 6 software (livestream studio by vimeo)
  • audio via Dante from secondary audio Macbook
  • signal flow: 1. Studio6 → 2. Vimeo → 3. Vimeo Stream embeded on Website AND pushed to multiple destinations (two YouTube chanels, two Facebook pages)

trouble shooting:

  • internet connection? → not the problem
  • audio re-sync issues between video and audio workstation? → Maybe but I cannot reproduce the problem when streaming to a test event
  • Vimeo has problems with traffic? → maybe. But all destinations combined only count about a thousand simultanious views.

Can anyone here help? I’ve spent many hours with vimeo support and testing and cannot fix it. Thanks so much for reading and for any clue what might be the issue.

Greetings from Berlin :slight_smile: