Hello - just lurking for now

Hello all,

just saying hello, new on here.

Not a video professional but hobbyist that hasn’t „ducked“ soon enough when the task came around to virtualise our corporate all-hands, business breakfasts etc :smiley:

Doing all right with the setup,

  • Atem Mini and Hyperdeck Studio Mini
  • BMPCC4K, GH5 and a V777 Camcorder (we‘re not going beyond FHD anyway
  • Some Nanlite Forza / Rotolight Panels
  • Sennheiser Wireless Lav (and some cheapos with a wire) and a Sennheiser Shotgun
  • Stands and miscellanea for the above

Desperately waiting for Mini Pro to ship as during the last broadcast my Laptop really went close to full CPU and I would like to get rid of that heartache at least by going hw encoding.

Found my way here through Aaronpk‘s excellent YT channel.