HDMI XLR sockets for flight case

Hi I want to add a patch panel to the back of my flight case to house all the inputs. I have found some hdmi female to female xlr sockets which would fit a 1u panel nicely and be very secure, but they are only hdmi 1.4 and I am worried will not support the output from my cameras. (Sony a7lll). Does anyone if this will work or can anyone recommend a better way of doing this.

A7III has hdmi 1.4 output (it doesn’t support higher resolutions and framerates) so it should work.

I currently use an atomos ninja v with my a7lll’s and they output 4K to the ninja at 25fps so it does that mean that hdmi 1.4 can support 4K?

yes, hdmi 1.4 supports up to 4k30