HDMI Output 1 on ATEM Mini Extreme stopped working

I’ve been using my ATEM Mini Extreme to record some materials that I’ll be using for a live stream at work next week. I had been outputting Program to HDMI output 1 into a monitor and things were working fine.

After a couple days of up time, HDMI output 1 is no longer functional. Nothing had changed in my setup. I was successfully doing screen recordings all week but when I tried to do one yesterday, the output was dead. The monitor is acting as if it’s getting no input. HDMI output 2 seems fine. I’ve swapped cables, monitors, sources: same result. I’ve downgraded and re-upgraded the firmware: same result. I tried different output settings (1080/60 was previously working fine): same result.

I tried putting the ATEM Mini Extreme into recovery mode and starting fresh (by holding down the Mic 1 On button during boot up), but ATEM Setup fails to see it as a new ATEM. It sees that there is a connection via USB, but it won’t do the factory reset to freshly install the firmware.

Anyone else have this problem?

I have a couple weeks left in the warranty, so I’m fairly confident that if worse comes to worse, BMD will be able to make it right, but I’ll really need the two outputs for the livestream I’ll be doing soon. The pre-production work only needs one output, so I’m not stuck now, but I’m really hoping I can (at least temporarily) fix my problem in the very short term.

I had the same problem. Out of nothing it stopped working. I got it replaced and it’s fine now.

Yeah, I contacted BMD Support and let them know what I’ve tried so far.

They didn’t offer any other possible remediation steps and I have an RMA to return it for repair/replacement now.

Doesn’t feel great. The thing has very few hours, has never left my house and the HDMI output itself has probably only been mechanically exercised fewer than 10 times.

I feel the same. Lets hope they changed something inside the Atem so that the replacement unit will last.