HDMI out has stopped working


This is kind f a long shot nut I hope that anyone has a solution. My ATEM Mini do not give any HDMI Out anymore.

The setup:
1 atem mini with 3 cameras and one computer connected as inputs.
Output: HDMI to a HDMI splitter which is connected to an ATEM Mini Pro and a confidence monitor.
The USB-C port works as it should.

I have tried to connect the ATEM mini to 3 different monitors and on TV with different refresh rates without any luck.
The same test with the ATEM Mini Pro, worked as a charm.

The last Webinar I had an issue I thought was on the ATEM Mini Pro side. The question is if the Atem Mini was giving up, which was the result of my previous post.

Is there anyone that has the same experience ?

Have you tried removing the splitter? I’ve found the ATEM mini doesn’t work with some of them.

I think I have tried everything. Directly connected to two different monitors and a TV. My Atem Mini Pro works on them.

Reached out to BMD support but I am stil waiting for response.

An update on the issue.
BMD had me do a loop test

  1. connect usbc to computer and watch the image.
  2. connect hdmi out to input 1
  3. set the hdmi out to preview
  4. set the preview to color bars
  5. set the program out to channel 1.

My Atem Mini was black so now i will send it in tom BMD.