HDMI input (from DVD player) not showing in ATEM

So I bought this DVD player and connected it to the ATEM mini pro, and it has no video or sound. The device works fine if I connect it to another monitor. And the sound works fine if I connect it to the mic input. I’ve tried with different HDMI cables…I’ve tried with two ATEM mini pros.

Is there something special about the type of HDMI signal the ATEM can receive? How can I get round this?

DVD player:

The ATEM Mini supports input resolutions of 1280x720 or 1920x1080. DVDs are limited to 720x480 (Bluray is 720 or 1080, but DVDs are pre-HD video). You’d need to run that through a proper scaler like the Decimator MD-HX in order to get the ATEM Mini to accept it.

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I see three possible problems. Aaron mentioned the first–resolution. The link to the DVD player doesn’t say if it upscales, but there may be other issues besides resolution.
The second problem (in my limited experience) DVD players (especially less expensive ones) will try to protect any disc they are playing with HDCP. I don’t have my DVD Bible handy, but I’m pretty sure it’s possible to produce a DVD without copy protection. None of the DVD players I’ve tried worked despite being asked to output 1080.
The third issue I’m ignorant on (but still willing to comment on) is whether the ATEM Mini Pro supports HDCP. I can’t imagine BMD would bite the hand that feeds it, so there’s the third hurdle.
Would it work to play a DVD out of computer? I just ran a test with Windows(7) Media Player and it played into my ATEM (1 M/E Production Studio 4K).
Your mileage may vary.

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Thanks, I completely forgot about HDCP, that’s another good point. Tho in my experience HDCP protected sources show up as grey static rather than not at all, but it likely depends on a lot of things.

The DVD player says that it upscales actually. Thanks.

I wanted a dedicated device because I’m already using two laptops for streaming and for Zoom. But I guess I need a 3rd!

Back when I was first getting into all this, my only HDMI source was a DVD recorder/player. When I connected it to a BMD HDMI to SDI converter, I got nothing. I’ve seen blue screens and black screens, but never static. (At least not yet.) I’m using one computer to do chroma lower 3rds and play videos via a VLC playlist. That means we can’t do them both at the same time, and switching from live to pre-recorded and back is more hectic than I’d like.
Dedicated devices are good, and a £24.99 DVD player beats a $700 HyperDeck if it works. You might consider a USB/SD player like the one @aaronpk showed in his video. Micca? I’ve got one with a different name, but the interface looks identical. I’d prepend a short title/countdown to the beginning of the video so that the video player interface has time to disappear before getting streamed.

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I tried with cheap DVD and media players and in the end jumped to the HyperDeck. No separate remote controls or waiting for on screen displays to fade and allows full automation. It’s a lot…but if you need the features very good.

My idea was to use an old ATOMOS NINJA2 (~£150 nowadays, there is no menu on the output and stable device), but for this you should have to convert the videos into the right format. (same as HyperDeck)