Has anyone used the neo-n2h


i am planning my remote editing setup at the moment.

I want to be able to route the interface of certain Apps or a cropped part of my Mac Desktop to the Atem Mini. This I would do with the:

NDI Scan Converter by Sienna

To get the NDi stream into the Atem I was planning on buying this:

Deltacast neo-n2h

to convert the NDI stream to HDMI.

Has anyone tested the device? how is the latency?

Many thanks and all the best from Berlin,


I’ve found that one a few times while searching around for NDI converters, but haven’t tried it myself yet! I also haven’t figured out how to actualyl buy one.

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Hi, have you found a way to output from syphon to a a/v out device like T-Tap?

Here an answer from the manufacture: The max overall system latency for HX streams is equal to 15 frames (with a max jitter of 50 ms – and point to point from the server to the client)

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