Handheld streaming rig

Tomorrow is the first gig with my handheld streaming build:

  • GoPro Hero 7 Black with audio input dongle
  • Rode Go II
  • YoloBox
  • Feiyu G6 Max gimbal
  • Clamp to hold my phone

The venue’s WIFI is so slow that I’m going to have to use my phone as a hotspot, hence the clamp. I’m working solo,so I’ll be running the camera, audio, and switcher- hopefully the stabilization takes the shakes out :smile:

Awesome, good luck!

Is that a lens on the go pro?

And how strong are you to hold that entire thing for any length of time! :muscle:

Thanks! It went reasonably well; there were some network dropouts but it was good enough. The goal is to build a portable system with my ATEM and use the Vaxis 500 for the remote camera. I wasn’t ready to remotely control the ATEM while walking around interviewing people, so carrying the Yolobox was the quickest solution. The hardest part was holding the camera with one hand while deleting the intro video and selecingt the end credits video- I really wish the Yolobox could let you add multiple videos as sources.

The GoPro cage has a 52mm filter mount, there’s just a UV filter on there to protect the lens. If it had been sunny I’d have used an ND filter but that’s not often a problem in Portland!

The rig weighs about 6lbs including the power bank I put on to keep the Yolobox and phone charged. The nice thing about the extension handle the Yolobox is mounted to was I could use both hands, and the G6 did a great job of keeping the video smooth. As I was walking I’d have to one-hand the rig because I was carrying a 3d printed handheld mic for the Go II. Not going to lie, my right arm was a little shaky afterwards!

Just remember, if you are getting paid, network dropouts are unacceptable to clients. I have heard of many streaming companies not getting paid because of “technical issues” such as network dropouts so keep that in mind.

Wasn’t getting paid, I volunteered to do a 10 minute stream to kick off a charity event. The organizer was there when I did my throughput tests and I warned him there could be dropouts; I offered to record the intro instead and give him a video to post with an hour turnaround. He said he wanted the stream. I gave everyone involved a recording I made at the same time so they could to post it to their media pages if they wanted.

If I get more calls for events like this (that pay) I will probably look into setting up a Speedify system to bond a hotspot and my phone.