H2R Graphics: Image -> Animated GIF

I tried to use an animated gif as image in the image tab. If I chose it as “local file” nothing happens. Sometimes after a restart of h2r graphics the image is there, but most of the time not.
If I add it from URL it gets added twice. And if the image is live, the app is getting really laggy and doesn’t response as fast it normally do.

Is there another way to display a video or gif as a background and loop it with h2r graphics?

I found another way: with animated png, this is working great and much better quality. Didn’t know that “apng” exits

Cool. So can you start and stop playback of the animated png with H2R, or just have it displayed or not displayed? I assume the application would be an animated graphics logo that flew on screen or assembled and then blew up or flew off.