H2R Graphics: Break

I played around with the break tab and couldn’t it get to work. The Google sheet is fine and is working correct, but the autoplay function doesn’t work and also the timer. I set the date for today but no look. it always says “coming soon” instead of the time.
How can I get this break function to work properly? Thanks.

Hey - do you mind sending me a link to the sheet so I can take a look and troubleshoot? Email is fine too if you don’t want to share it on here! john at heretorecord.com

Thanks, I shared it via google.

And am I correct that it is not possible to change the layout of the break section? Would be nice to also have some custom CSS or similar.

Hey - i’ve taken a look into this and it does seem to be broken. I will investigate more when I get some time! Thanks for bringing it up though :smiley:

And you are correct about the customisation - that is hopefully a future feature.

Thanks for taking your time. Hoped it would work next monday. but so I will have to look for an alternative. but I’m looking forward to an update.

Good news! I have fixed it!

Turns out I failed to follow my own rules haha I accidentally renamed the ‘Date’ heading to ‘Date YYYY-MM-DD’ as you will see in your sheet. If you change the heading back to ‘Date’ then all will work as expected.

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Nice, thats an easy fix :wink: Thanks for it.

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