H2R Graphics: adding graphics with css and questions about "fade"

Hey there,

am I able to add graphics to a lower thrid with CSS from my local machine? Also chaning the font with CSS?(Was able to get this running)

Thanks for any hints.


Another one for H2R Graphics: When using a red color, for example, as background color for a lower third and setting the animation style to “fade”, it cycles through the color and is green at a certain point. Any way to avoid this?

This is something I have always struggled with when using chroma keying and at this time I’m not sure of a good fix. Since you one choosing a chroma colour and keys for that, it’s really hard to avoid those colours when fading in/out graphics. The fix, or hack, is to use a luma key instead however those also have issues too.

This is not the answer your we’re looking for I’m sure but I would love to help make this better!

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Well, it is good to know, so I don’t have to fiddle around with stuff. :wink:

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