H.264 Settings for Hyperdeck Playback

Hi all - I’ve a pretty urgent need to be able to play out a 6-7 hour file out over a livestream.

My plan is to use my Hyperdeck and Atem Mini Pro, but obviously I’m not going to be able to fit a ProRes file of that length onto a regular SD card (I was planning 128gb).

So I need the precise specification to export the file out of FCPX to get an H.264 file that can easily play. So far I’ve had zero luck, the files just don’t show in the Hyperdeck at all. BMD’s site clearly says 720p and 1080p H.264 is supported, but is that only for recording? Can I really not put files of those formats on an SD card and play them out?

Just a quick query: Have you selected h264 in the “Record Settings” of Hyperdeck Control Panel?

It seems that the HDSM only chooses to list files that match the record setting, at least I have observed this phenomenon.

Give it a try


I know it’s not good etiquette to link to another site but considering it’s urgent - have you tried asking this at the official BlackMagic forum?


Hi Ozy - yeah, I’ve tried that, doesn’t seem to make a difference, still doesn’t see any files.

I’ll have a look there, thanks.

I’ve ordered a really cheap (but apparently effective) Media player that’s coming on Monday. If it does the job then I might not actually need to keep the Hyperdeck at all…

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Checked the manual in the meantime - it says on p23 that unfortunately it can only play back files in h264 that have been recorded by the Hyperdeck, no arbitrary files… guess we’re stuck with 422 or DNxHD in the meantime. I’m sure there’s more flexible playout devices out there, but I just love the autoroll for the Atem Mini…

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Dear guys,

I’m reopening this topic as I just get this hyperdeck mini hd plus for playing prores4444 files I do create with Keynote from transparent slides.

Recording works great, but files I upload by ftp or put directly on the sd card are not listed on the atem and look like ignored by the hyperdeck.

In fact, any .mov whatever the codec can’t be played.

Did I miss something ? Thank you