Greetings from Portland!

What’s up everyone! My name is Joshua Billups, I am a full time video producer located in Portland, Oregon. Our studio is located in a commercial office space, in downtown Portland, on the waterfront.
We started out doing live shows on Facebook and Youtube, but now upload those later as they are aired on public access television. I’ve personally learned a lot from Aaron and am looking forward to learning more and sharing as well!

Our Space is approximately 650sqft

Our basic gear is,

Rode Rodecaster Pro
3x BMPCC4k
1x Canon 80D
2x GoPro 7 Black
1x GoPro 8 Black
1x Mavic Pro 2
4x Audio-Technica Mics (Not sure the model no. off the top of my head)
1x Rode Podmic
1x Rode NTG-2
2x Rode Wireless Go with Rode lap mics
2x RodeLink Filmmaker Kit
A tube full of various on camera mics. (I’ll update when I’m at the studio.
1x ATEM Mini Pro ISO
1x ATEM Mini
1x Raspberry Pi 4 8GB
3 Dracast LED Panels (will have to get the model no.)
3 Dracast Boltray Spotlights
2x Godox SL60
1x Godox VL-150

and a bunch more stuff, I’ll update this over time if there is interest and add more photos after I get past the new user limits :smiley: