Graphics for livestream

We do a lot of small livestream gigs and did develop a graphic solution for adding powerpoint and graphics into a videoswitcher. We call it SuperSource. You find it here:

I was hoping someone in this forum could check it out. We have not had any time to make any instructions videos, but some part of the application should be straighforward. :wink:

We use a elgato camlink card to grab the powerpoint/keynote and add this as a background into Atem Mini/Pro.

Hope some of the members have time to test :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting. Will have a look and report back.
obv the H2R graphics is something to look at also. John’s done a great job with it.

Thanks for testing out! Our sign up is terrible at the moment, so when sign up you need to go to your profile and click the Free package in order to get the app to work.

And yes the H2R graphics is really great! We do a lot of small gigs and use several different technicians to help us out. So its easier for us to have it all in browser and not to download any apps. And SuperSource has this background builder for easy to get the presenters Keynote/ powerpoint. But you need additional videocard for that connected to your chrome browser.

We use Camlink from Elgato for that powerpoint input to

The web site looks nice and sleek.
I only saw a few stills to illustrate what the app might do which did not really give me enough information to decide that it is worth signing for.
Perhaps a demo or a tutorial showing the app in use would be more informative.

Hi Erik,

I signed up for the Beta and I clicked around, but without a demo or tutorial it’s a bit confusing what needs to be done and how things work. I agree with Michael that some sort of training would be helpful to get a new user started.

Thanks for feedback,

Yes you totally right. I will record some videos explaining the features and post when ready. :slight_smile:

Great feedback, thanks so much. Yes i totally agree its not a intuitive tool without a how-to-get-started video. Thanks so much for looking around. I will get back with new post when this is done :slight_smile: