Graphic Wipe transition on ATEM Mini Pro


Found an interesting transition advertised on Black Magic website.
blackmagicdesign(dot)com / products / atemmini
1/3 way down.
I found no info anywhere how to accomplish that.
I assume you could do it with macros, but to make it dynamic so you could use it with any input to input I havent figured it out. Any ideas?


Which one? less than 1/3 way down on that page is video showing different transitions.
Mini supports mix, wipe, DVE and dip transitions, but not stinger (which to me sounds closest to “graphic wipe”).
All transitions are easy to do using software control and are described in the manual.
All supported transitions can be done without macros, and stinger can’t be done even with macros, as it would require 2 simultaneous transitions which Mini doesn’t support.
It may be possible to do something similar using DVE, but I need to think about that.

I dont know if this webpage shows differently on everyone, but I can see different video examples of the transitions. The last one is Graphic Wipe. It is the ATEM Mini site and even has a picture to the right so I assumed it shows different ways you could do transitions on the product.
Included a screengrab.

OK, i see it now, still, there’s no such thing as “graphic wipe” in atem, the closest thing is stinger transition, and mini does not support that.
You could replicate it using wipe transition and animated key.

Yea that’s pretty misleading. You def can’t do that on the mini by itself. Is it an update they’re going to add?

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It is possible to create a stinger transition with images in the mediapool, controlled by a macro.
the resulting effect looks like this:
An instruction how to make this can be found here :

Macro text in this file:

Hope this may help you
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René Brünken


It can be done in the Mini

You just have to select the push icon under effects in the DVE tab and you can use a still graphic to use as a bridge over a wipe


Ill have to try it but it looks like a solution.

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Well that’s me told!
I’ll be trying that :slight_smile:

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Thank you, this is great for me. I hope it stays with startup state!

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I hope this is the correct place to post this.

TrafficLight3 posted this solution…

I tried it and it works great.

In case this helps anybdy else, I created a full screen graphic with a vertical graphic on the right side. The rest of the graphic is transparent. It gave a really nice wipe effect which can help hide a change of camera angle…