Future full ATEMs will support HDMI

I chatted with Alex Lindsay about this during a test call last night. Even he paused when I explained this.

I think future ATEMs at least up to the 2 M/E are going to have to have some HDMI ports. Here is why, BM has made a big bet on growing their community through the Mini & Mini Pro. Those products may not be loss leaders but it is certainly a lower margin and this is to get creators and others into their system early.

They built on this by providing camera controls for the Pocket 4k and 6k. Great news, now you can shade cameras and focus just like a broadcaster. BM wants you to get good at it, but then leaves you nowhere to grow because their connectors do not allow you to grow at an affordable pace by buying a 2 M/E or 4 M/E and continuing to using the 3 to 4 Pocket cameras you started with.

So this is the end of my ramble, but I really think they are going to provide some option that allows a softer financial path to continue your growth and keep you moving into their more Pro product line. Especially now that we know you can use HDMI fiber cable to run the cameras at distance.


That’s a really interesting theory! I honestly hadn’t considered this at all. I was always assuming they’d do things like bring the upgraded audio and keyer that’s in the Mini into the higher end products.

But the disconnect between the Pocket 4K and 6K vs their higher end switchers is a really good point! It’ll definitely be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few months!

The only thing that might make me think otherwise is the lack of 4K output on the HDMI ports of the Pocket 4k and 6k (at least I’m pretty sure it’s not possible with the PCC 6k).

It would surprise me to see a large 2M/E that was not 4K.

I also think they need to sort the bidirectional comms over HDMI to SDI, but I bet they will sort that too.

That said, it’s a solid theory! Makes me also think that they will not touch any ‘Video over the network’ features for a long while either!

The 4k issue is a fair point. I’m still shocked that they went with 1.4 instead of HDMI 2.0.

I expect a new hdmi-sdi bidirectional converter that converts camera commands.
What I would like to see is a new Camera Converter.

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@gimzo I don’t think a new Hdmi-Sdi bidirectional converter will be coming soon, as it would technically violate the SDI-Standard to have bidirecitonal communication over one coax cable. This is why they use a backfeed SDI Link including tally, talkback etc on the professional line-up (Blackmagic Studio Camera), which has both SDI Input and Output.

I was thinking of existing hdmi-sdi bidirectional converter that has sdi input and output, as BM cameras use both for two way communication. I guess it would be possible to have a BMPCC mode in it where it still routes hdmi to sdi and vice versa but links data communication to hdmi input.

Is it possible that BlackMagic will move in the direction of ONVIF or other PTZ/focus/tally/config support over ethernet?

Overcoming SDI protocol limitations with a custom product seems like a good opportunity for BM.

I’m testing an Atem Mini Pro at the moment and it blatantly will get rid of the Roland 1HD. Most corporate events run on an SDI backbone unless the venue has a fibre route so converting from HDMI to SDI is still the way. I reckon BM will release a 4k version of the Atem Mini Pro in due course so that they don’t kill off their own products. We often get asked about recording or then streaming conferences last int so from an events point of view the ATEM is perfect.

In Australia internet speeds are still pretty terrible so as much as I LOVE NDI its just a worry relying on a venue backbone that can fall over and then you have a client looking for AV discount even though they spent $10k on table centrepieces


The ATEM Mini Pro 4K certainly has a nice ring to it. Wouldn’t be surprised to see that either!


I don’t think they’ll do it for a while though. It exposes one of the weaknesses of the Pocket cameras. I still can’t understand why they didn’t fit them with HDMI 2.0 ports.

I’d bet on the Dual SDI to HDMI converter as both are very well established and it would add a great deal of flexibility to the ATEM/Pocket 4K configuration.

How do we know you can use HDMI fiber for ATEM to Pocket 4K commands?

Oops sorry that was supoosed to go way up top…

Colin Sandy posted a video on it a while back. Look on Youtube for Sandy Audio Visual.

I suppose we all guessed wrong on this one… ATEM Mini Pro ISO!!!

Also I’m dying to get that Streaming Bridge.


I do not like the fact, that every brand builds up its own streaming protocol. NDI is the worldwide standard for sending video signals via a network. I do not see NewTek as a competitor, it would just be better if everyone worked together…

Blackmagic didn’t make their own protocol, they’re using h.264 and RTMP.

NDI is a proprietary protocol that NewTek created and makes available to people via a restrictive royalty-free license, so I don’t blame Blackmagic at all for not wanting to use it.