Fully portable, v-mount powered atem with hollyland mars and ninja v and GL iNet router

Hey folks,

I’m building out a atem pro rig people might enjoy seeing. I tested a private livestream this evening so it all works nicely.

It’s build on 15mm railrods with cheeseplates and a V-mount plate. The atem is mounted with snap and lock tape for quick release. Monitor is the Atomos Ninja V.

Also features a pair of hollyland 400s for receiving remote 2 x wireless HDMI feeds. I’ll add a small smart phone mount to stream the popout chat window for easy chat reading.

The network is also created and powered on the rig by a GL iNet 750m travel router. It’s powered by the USB port on the vmount battery and can tether to my phone for internet access. It’s ethernet port is connected to the atem.

I’ll add a handle to the rig for easy carry.

Crazy tech and it only weights a few kilos and its fully untethered.
Camera’s wirelessly transmitting HDMI include a7iii and a7siii, plus GoPro. 4th port takes the HDMI output from my DJI smart controller so I can stream live drone flights.

Happy with the progress so far…


This is great! I’d love to know more about how you attached the ATEM Mini!

I’m waiting on some parts to expand it further - will post with progress later.

the Atem is secured to a cheese plate that’s fastened to the 15mm rods. Using snap lock tape. It’s really secure. Like valcro, only better.

Here is an example.

Interesting! I’ve tried using that kind of thing before but the glue ended up melting because of the heat from the devices. I didn’t try looking for different brands of tape tho so maybe I just had a bad one.