Full / partial color range

Hi everyone,

When I connect the ATEM mini to OBS i can choose to set the video color range to full or partial. Full looks good and partial doesn’t… Clipping highlights and blacks outside the 16-235 ire range. Weird contrast.

By default it seems to work in the partial range when I use my ATEM mini as a webcam on my iMac. Like in Skype or a webinar webapp. Is there any way to interpret the signal as full color range?

I also wonder how this will work on the ATEM mini pro. How does it work when it pushes the stream directly to the internet via the ethernet port?

Hi team-livevideotechforum ;),

Is there anyone on the forum who can help me out with this? I’m just can’t find anything online or the blackmagic atem forum…

I found best way to improve image coming from Atem to OBS was to increase the gamma using the color correction filter in OBS by approx 0.5 to 0.6.

Thanks Tim. I can get the ATEM mini to look fine in OBS when the color range is set to full.

The problem is that I can’t (or don’t know how to) do this when I use te ATEM mini as a webcam in online webinar apps or apps like skype… :frowning: