Frame rate matching with Camera and ATEM

I am using Sony ZV-1 and ZV-E10 like many others here have. I didn’t really think about this, and maybe it is a non issue since the ATEM Mini Extreme scales automatically…

The Sony HDMI out does 1080/60 fps or 1080/24 fps. I have the ATEM set to not use auto since the default for the Sony is 60 FPS and the ATEM will adopt the for the first camera so I set the ATEM to manual at 1080/29.97 for sending to YouTube directly from the device.

That being said, when I film with those cameras I am using 4K30fps with the shutter of 1/60 (double rule frame rate rule). When I did my first stream the camera HDMI was 1080/60 fps, but I never changed the shutter speed from the 1/60 of the filming mode rather than HDMI mode, but it all looked fine with correct exposure…

For Cameras what should I be setting HDMI out on the camera 60 fps or 24 fps, then locking the ATEM at 29.97 for YouTube, then does the shutter speed rules kick in… or am I way overthinking it and just let the hardware work it all out.

Is it as simple as just putting the camera in Auto, lock the White Balance, the keeping the Atem in Auto mode… Coming from a guy that has only ever used manual for everything.

The it’s all working but my brain needs to understand why since I seem to be breaking the “rules” - Person :slight_smile:

I’d do 60fps instead of 24fps on the camera if your final output is 30 or 29.97. If you go 24fps than the switcher is having to invent 6 frames every second, going from 60 to 30, the switcher will just throw out every other frame, in the end resulting in smoother motion.

Of course if you could do 29.97fps on the HDMI out from the camera, that would be ideal.

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That is what I am struggling with in my mind. I have not found any way in the those cameras to get 29.97 out the HDMI port.

Again, it is working fine, but I want to make it match if possible.

If cameras won’t do 30 then keep them at 60 and set shutter as if you’re doing 30 (which you are, at the output)

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It is always best to give all of the ATEM switchers the highest resolution possible then configure the encoder based ATEM switchers to encode the video and audio at the bitrate rate you need for the internet connection you have available for the outgoing stream.