Flightcase with custom inserts

I bought this case in the UK from https://www.bax-shop.co.uk/dj-set-flight-cases-flight-bags/dj-controller-flight-cases

The case has a really useful sliding laptop deck as you can see, and I made the 3 insert panels to accomodate my mixer, the Atems and my Rodecaster.

My setup is

Atem Extreme ISO
Atem Mini
Mac Mini - for Zoom
Macbook pro for OBS and connection to Atem control software
HP Laptop for running Powerpoint

I have a couplf of USB monitors - 1 for Zoom the other for Multiview.

Underneath the panels, i have hidden all the power and cables and also have a small ethernet switch.

It is my intention to create a panel on the back to accomodate all the HDMI in-outs and also XLR for audio and power.

It made for a fairly quick setup and take down, but the case ended up a bit heavier than expected.


Nice very clean looking. I like the panel layout.

I tried to keep the weight down on our dual monitor build with a keyboard case. It is still quite heavy but the case has wheels.