Finding more gigs

With the help from the great people on this community I’ve been able to book out a few gigs doing live virtual events. It’s been really fun and my clients have been extremely happy. I’d love to keep doing more and I thought it might be an interesting discussion to share some of the clients people have had to help others think of new or unique clients to pursue and collaborate with. I’ll start, I am just about to wrap up doing High Holy days services for a jewish temple in my area, I’ve also done some work for a non-profit who had to cancel their awards ceremony for this year and had to take it entirely to zoom. I’m curious if there are other places, or industries, or types of clients that people have found fruitful in advertising to or sharing your services.

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@Kligs by virtual gigs what do you mean? Are you a remote TD or are you helping with the onsite production end of things? I’ve seen in forums where both have been called virtual in forums.

I think the clients you are looking for in the two cases above are very different. One thing to definitely get in front of is Hybrid Events. I think that will be a wave you can ride for at least a year.

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@Kligs Funny you mentioned jewish new year, I too have just finished streaming services for Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur from a synagogue in Leeds. It was quite a big tech challenge for me and a steep learning curve but was able to combine a 3 cameras (including a couple of camera operators), recorded footage & H2R graphics and mostly went without a hitch!

I’m very interested in other event streaming over the next few years, I have a background in music so i have a few people asking me to put on a streamed gig for them. I can’t see these being big payers though unless the band has a large following and they expect to sell a few hundred tickets - not impossible. I’ve agreed to video the local jazz club’s autumn season (not much money there but I’ll be branding it for exposure)

I’ve also streamed a few bar mitzvahs, a wedding, and a random cookery session. But you mention a few things I have also thought of, I’d be interested to hear thoughts on marketing avenues - I’m generally rubbish where that’s concerned.

Hi joe,

I’ve actually been doing a bit of both, helping to create content as a shooter and editor for some folks, and then also doing live events for others (usually a multi cam show with some videos rolled in and some light graphics) So far both versions have gone very well. I’m also finding people need help upping their game with zoom webinars, mostly just helping them navigate the heaps of settings and options as well as using the atem mini to roll in videos for them. So far things have been rolling along well, but when I have some downtime I plan to take some of the production stills from my live events as well as some of the videos I’ve made and create some marketing materials, just trying to think of unique businesses or groups that might be interested in these types of services. Also trying to think about who would need a regular (weekly or monthly) program outside of religious groups.

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I’ve thought about pursuing musicians as I’m sure many of them are desperately trying to find a new avenue for generating revenue while venues are closed. But as you mention i’m not sure how profitable that would be unless the band was fairly big, and once they get big enough to draw in enough people to make it more money- it likely goes beyond a scale I could handle myself.

The cooking sessions is an interesting idea for sure, who have you been doing that kind of work with? Is it youtube creator types trying to build a channel or instructional things? Seems like that would be a fun one to do.

Anyway thanks for reaching out - its nice to know there are others out there trying to find a way to pivot their business to fit into this changing new world.

Service organizations often have weekly or monthly luncheons…frequently with an “expert” guest speaker. I have the quotes because often they are an expert in a subject area and not an expert in guest speaking.

Those orgs often do not pay great, but they pay on time and frequently even welcome you to try new things. In my experience you are looking for the orgs with over 100 paying members generally.

Hey Jon - I’ve been streaming jazz gigs down the road in Sheffield. We should compare notes.

Hi Brian - nice to hear that. In the end we ended up putting out recorded gigs rather than live-streaming due to a poor internet connection (although apparently being allowed to actually test it was above my pay grade :roll_eyes:) Where are you streaming from? I’ve been working with Jazz Leeds.

Hi Kligs, I started when lockdown came and gradually the gigs are getting bigger. The best work as come from word of mouth referrals. The best paid job have been for large corporate events and key to that is building relationships with the event organizers. Many event organizers know little about live-streaming so trust that what they want can be delivered is a big thing. Over the months I’ve supported a whole range, including “consulting” for people who want to operate their own setup as they can’t afford regular support. I’m at the point of being clear on minimum price to filter out jobs that just won’t be worthwhile. In exceptional cases I’ll think about pro-bono or lowest fees, for example upcoming Christmas services. If you aren’t already I would be networking as much as possible with event organizers in companies or freelancers in your area.

That’s a great trip reaching out to the organizers. It’s so strange I’ve spent years of my life building up my network but all around recorded video. There is always more to do and more to learn.