Fade transition keeping chroma key?

I’m trying fade between cameras but keep the same text on screen with chroma key, any ideas?

Straight cuts between cameras are working, I just can’t see how to fade them and maintain the chroma key. I’ve tried recording a macro for the keystrokes but could not get it to work.

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@tim_hughes if I understand the issue correctly you would need to add the persistent layer above your the transition.

Are you still using an Atem Mini? If your Macbook is capable you could feed the Mini webcam output into Ecam or OBS and apply the graphic in software.

Alternative I think a number of us are chaining multiple ATEM Mini /Pro/ISOs. If this is a recurring need a second Mini might be a better option and could open additional novel uses…one being using the first Mini to key something like your comedy show and then bring them into the second Mini with a PiP for audience reaction or something.

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Thanks Joe!

It’s for a Christmas Carol service tomorrow. I have all the words on green power point slides and wish to have those persistent over cuts between the organ, soloists and clips of the church. I’ve chained two atems together. The first has 4 cameras and the second adds a laptop for the H2R graphics and the slides and pre-recorded clips of the church on a hyperdeck mini.

I set up a few macros one to display the words + live camera and one to display the words + hyperdeck. In the Atem with the cameras I can fade the cuts there. In the second Atem I couldn’t see how to fade the transition to hyperdeck clips.

I hope this makes sense. If it doesn’t, please ask.

Tim that makes perfect sense.

Given your time frame, it might be best to send the webcam from the second ATEM into the laptop and overlay the graphics in software (OBS) vs using H2R graphics. Otherwise based on your stated arrangement would need a third ATEM dedicated to Chroma for H2R graphics that is upstream of your fades.

Joe, thanks again. I forgot to mention I’ll be streaming direct from the Atem. I do have a third Atem, the original mini, I’m worried that will make the setup to complex. I’m going to try with macros again, something like:
key on
set the new preview and program
auto transition
key on
Let’s see if that works.

i’m surprised to hear this didn’t work well for you. Any luck?

Hi @john, using the buttons on the Atem to Auto transition switches off the key so looks like macro is the way to go. I’ve set them up as above with macro sleeps included. I can’t tell if they work until I get back to the venue later. I’ll let you know.

You can use ATEM setup to configure keys not to turn off with transitions, you can also use ATEM software control to manually activate the key and not enable the key transition.

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I second what Gizmo said. Open the ATEM Setup Software - there are a couple of setting to look at - one is something like keep keyer on through transition.
I use it all the time. My green screen self stays on through every input selection whether cut or transition.

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Thanks @gimzo and @Tod much better solution. FWIW the macro option worked well in the end.

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