Facebook comments on live video?

OK, I purchased vMix (love it) and was super excited to use vMix social as I streamed to a Facebook GROUP page. No can do - apparently. vMix social only works on PAGES.

Now I am on a search for either one (or both) of the following solutions:

  1. A way to get comments from FB GROUP to a webpage that I can display to the host as he presents.

  2. A way to key comments over video using vMix

Here’s what I have tried so far:

  • pubble.io this app allows for someone to copy and paste comments into a window and it gets displayed on a webpage. It is way complex as it is meant for other things but closest solution so far for displaying comments LARGE. (Biggest plus is that the one copying and pasting does not need to be anywhere near the production)

  • H2R I tried this and could be a solution, but the computer that is running it needs to be physically near the Mix desk.

I’m wide open to any solutions. Nothing is too far fetched at this point!