Extreme ISO Rig for on location

I wanted to make setup as quick and easy as possible so decided to case up my Live Streaming kit.

In the Case I have:
ATEM Mini Extreme ISO
GL iNet Router GL-AR750-EXT
Netgear Gigabit Switch 5 port
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 8GB for PlayoutBee
15.6inch LCD Monitor
2 x Decimator Converter for SDI or HDMI input
Case - Swamp 3RU

This is all wired to a patch panel, meaning setup is easy and super quick.

I typically run with a MacBook Pro to control ATEM software, H2R Graphics and Compainon with a StreamDeck.

It means on loaction my set up looks super professional as well as being extremely versatile and easy to use.


I’m interested to know where you got the patch panel and the SDI and HDMI connectors. I’ve been looking for something like this to get my ATEM TV Studio case better organized. Thanks.

Hi James,

I got the panel (without connectors) and the HDMI and SDI connectors at a few different electrical component suppliers. To find the patch panel search - 1U patch panel.
HDMI connectors FT HDMI A-A FEM Au CSK
SDI connectors RS PRO 75Ω Straight Panel Mount, BNC Connector , Plug, Coaxial | RS Components (rs-online.com)
I hope this helps.