Export to Atem missing in Photoshop 2021

I recently updated a Macbook Air M1 with the newest version of Photoshop 2021 and the export option to Atem Switcher is no longer in the list. Has anyone else seen this issue? Any idea where it might have gone? Has anyone seen that option in photoshop 2021. Trying to sort out if the issue is the photoshop upgrade or the M1 mac.

did you reinstall the ATEM control software?
This will place the plugin in Photoshop.

Thanks for the reply. I did try to do a clean install if the atem software with no luck. I even see the plugin in the Photoshop plugins folder in the finder. But when I go to the export menu in Photoshop atem is not listed :disappointed:

This has happened to me before, I’m pretty sure you have to install the ATEM software after Photoshop, so if you update Photoshop you’ll need to reinstall the ATEM software.

That makes sense - Its a new M1 MacBook Air that I migrated over from anohter comuter, so there could be some weird things hiding in the installed plugin folders. i’ll try to uninstall both, then reinstall photoshop then install the Atem software clean and see if that sorts it out