Eurocon MCR

Eurocon 2020 (Futuricon) was held in Rijeka this weekend, and my job was to get video in and out of the venue.
We had 3 streams running all day, running prerecorded footage, live studio or live remote guests (or the mix of all three).
We used OBS, vMix and ffmpeg for output streams, running SRT into a cloud instance of ffmpeg which did the multiple bitrate transcode onto a RTMP CDN which then converted everything into HLS. That part went without a hitch.
ATEM TVS HD was used for live studio work. We had 2 cameras, laptop for remote guests, some laptops for video playback and slides running into it, output was into OBS for streaming and also back to the stage for confidence and audience monitors. Aux was used for additional stage monitor, and mix minus (that apparently only the TVS and constellation have) was a critical feature to have.
Jitsi,, vMix call and zoom were used for remote guests, jitsi was used the most and worked well for the most part. Some people had trouble sharing their screen/slides but eventually most of them figured it out. vMix call and were used when no screen sharing was needed, and we had one guest who couldn’t run anything except zoom so we used that for his talks.
It mostly worked, there were some freezings and dropouts but nothing major, if someone dropped they were mostly back in a minute or less and continued on. Other problems were (as usual) people having potato cams and even worse lighting, but somehow everyone had at least usable audio so not a big deal.
We had a shortage of people (due to poor planning on my part) so some more involved events (ceremonies) had issues like running late or mics turned off or failing to play a video at the correct time, but that’s what happens when you try to wear 3 (and more) hats.
Here’s the view of (a part of) Master Control Room