Diy atem tally extreme

Hi folks: I would really like to get your feedback on a DIY project that I’ve created. I call it the DIY ATEM TALLY EXTREME. With it you can have as many tally lights as you want and still use only one connection to the ATEM switcher. It is WiFi based and doesn’t use something like Tally Arbiter. Please check out the website and let me know your thoughts.
You can contact me at
I am currently developing the video instructions for assembling and programming. It is taking much longer than I thought, but is nearly done - I estimate I need about another few weeks to get it finished.


This is a fantastic project!

Do you have any plans to assemble kits for retail, or is it DIY instructions only?
Also, will a 4 tally setup work with the original Atem Mini Pro?

Great work! I have many ideas for using these!

Hi Drew:

Thanks for your interest. At this point I plan to offer DIY instructions only. If there is enough interest, I would consider offering kits - but, at this stage, we are only at the beginning of that process. I hope to have the instruction videos completed within the next few weeks. These will work with any Blackmagic Design ATEM.

Thanks so much for your feedback,


Wow, Bruce. I’m so impressed with this project! Not only are you creating your own business but you’re meeting the need of other video producers. I don’t need any of this currently but I’m going to keep you in mind for the future.