A few weeks ago I posted a Discussion about my DIY ATEM TALLY EXTREME project and indicated that it would be available in a few weeks. That few weeks has passed and the construction documents and more than six and a half hours of detailed, step-by-step HD videos are now available the the following website:

The DIY ATEM TALLY EXTREME SYSTEM consists of any number of TALLY MODULES that monitor the camera selections on Blackmagic Design ATEM video switchers. These modules use the popular Sony style NP batteries for power and connect to your ATEM via WiFi. Only module number 1 connects to the ATEM and all subsequent modules then listen to the module before it. This means that the entire system uses only one of the 5 available web connections on the ATEM. This frees up these other connections for things like a Hyperdeck, separate computers running the ATEM software control for operations such as graphics and audio, and for another computer running the Bitfocus Companion for the Elgato Streamdeck

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