Different noise floor on mic 1 and mic to for Atem Mini Extreme ISO


I’m experience different noise floor on my Atem Mini Extreme ISO on Mic 1 vs Mic 2 when I test my Atem Mini Pro Mic 1 and Mic two get the same results. Does anyone else here have the same problem?

I have connected 3 different mics (Rode Videoemic NTG (VNTG) original cable, Rode Videomic Micro (VM)with original cable (red) and VNTG cable and Rode Smartlav + converted to TRS (SL) , into mic 1 and mic 2 on Atem Mini Extreme ISO . All audio effects where turn off, on the Atem Mini Extreme ISO and all gain set to 0. On the VNTG gain was set to 1, lowest value. I recorded both to an SSD connected to Atem Mini Extreme ISO and over USB C into Audio Hijcak (no audio effects added or extra gain).