Did my first real livestream!

Livestreamed a bingo game for a local bar to raise money to build their outdoor patio. The game was played in person and via Facebook-

My camera is a Blackmagic Micro Cinema. This was my first time out with the Yolobox, worked great. Used my Cedar DNS2 as a mic pre and to kill the sound of the busy street 25’ away, Zoom F8N to route audio to the camera and the outdoor speakers at the bar.

My next project is to build a portable streaming case for the Atem Mini, Yolobox, router, and Playout Bee. I left a bunch of gear at home as this was outdoors and rain was possible.

The stream looked decent; this is a grab from the Facebook video. I wish the camera had color correction…

Looking forward to streamlining the system and adding more functionality. Having Playout Bee and my Streamdeck would have made it easier to deal with lower thirds and video playback, but I got the job done!

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Well, the controls on my camera monitor started acting up, so replacing it will fix the color correction issue; the replacement monitor I ordered from SmallHD can apply a LUT to the HDMI loop through. I can shoot a color chart and generate a LUT on-site in 5 minutes, or apply a preloaded look.