Custom Hard Case 4G LTE Modem for Providing Fast Internet

i did a job not too long ago where i had to stream in a hockey rink for 2 days and the building had no network connection. This is the system I came up with and it worked perfectly!.
I built it so it can run on PoE and AC power at the same time one can be unplugged and it will continue running. The box running off PoE let’s me run a long Internet cable out to a parking lot with the box in the antennas this allows me to get great reception in the venue, the hard case also keeps everything dry and waterproof even in the rain and snow.

Equipment List:
TP-Link TL-POE10R Gigabit PoE Splitter Adapter :
2x 11DBi Wide Band Directional Antenna for LTE/4G :
4G LTE Antenna Adapter TS9 Connector to SMA :
N-Type Female Jack 4 Hole Panel Mount :
Low Loss Coaxial Cable N Male to N Male (16ft) :
Nanuk 903 Waterproof Hard Case :


This is nicely done! How did you wire the modem up for both PoE and AC and in what situations do you need both?

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The 12v output from the modem power supply and the 12v output from the Poe splitter (TP-Link TL-POE10R Gigabit PoE Splitter Adapter) are wired in parallel into a Y cable. I don’t usually end up using both but it gives me the capability to if I ever needed to do redundant power. It was wired this way so I wouldn’t have to unplug the power supply or the poe splitter from the modem I can just use whichever one I want.