Custom Designed Pelican Case for Tricaster Mini HD-4 for Sports Broadcasts

Just thought I would share another custom designed hard case I built for a sports live streaming contract, thought it could be useful for others trying to make hard cases for ATEM and other live streaming equipment.

So the clients I built these for both bought Tricaster Mini HD-4 at the advice of the sporting league which I don’t necessarily think is the best pick… but they could’ve bought something worse.

We ended up building 4 these Boxes and they have two 23.8" monitors mounted in the lid on a custom CNC cut piece of 1/8" aluminum The main inside of the box that holds all the equipment is also cut out of 1/8" aluminum on my CNC and bent at a 90° on the end to hold the two 120mm fans. This was all designed in fusion360 with a cad file of the pelican case from their website, it made it really easy to get a perfect fit. There are six BiDirectional SDI/HDMI converters that convert the HDMI input and output on the Tricaster to SDI and HDMI and a SDI loop out, this makes it perfect for using more professional cameras like the Studio Camera 4K Pros that we are using.

Goals Of The Case:

  1. Fast and easy to set up
  2. Contain all necessary equipment in one hard case
  3. Convert HDMI Only Tricaster to HDMI & SDI
  4. Contain a secondary computer to run companion and NewBlue Titler Live for scoreboard and graphics.
  5. Easy for students and staff to be trained on. - instagram

Equipment in Box:
1x Pelican 1745 Air Case
2x Lenovo 23.8" ThinkVision Monitors
1x Tricaster Mini HD-4
1x Stream Deck XL
1x 2012 Apple Mac Mini
1x Behringer 1204USB Mixer
6x Blackmagic BiDirectional SDI/HDMI 3G
1x CyberPower ST425 UPS 425VA/260W
1x USB Switch
1x HDMI Switch
2x Noctua NF-P12 120mm Fan
1x Audio Technica ATH-M20x Monitor Headphones
1x Logitech K400 Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad

My Other Builds:


what is the converters case / mount?

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It’s just a 3-D printed case I designed

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Love the layout, have been looking into that case and would you be able to share how that custom CNC piece for the monitors is done, as in how it is secured to the pelican case ?

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The custom CNC cut piece of aluminum for the monitors has two 100mm vesa mount slots for the two monitors. Instead of getting this cut out of 1/8 aluminum which is very expensive you could get a signmaking shop to cut this out of “UltraBoard Aluminum 1/8” or something similar which would be much cheaper and they could do it very quickly which is what I would do next time. Pelican 1745 Air there are little standoffs in the lid which is meant for the bowl version of the case (1745BOW Air
Bow Case)
to mount the padding. What I did is drilled these out slightly bigger and put in heat insert nuts which puts threads in the case and lets me screw the aluminum to them.

Monitor Mounting Hardware:
8x Heat-Set Inserts for Plastic Brass, 6-32 Thread Size :
8x Flanged Button Head Screw 6-32 Thread, 3/8" Long:
Vesa Mount Hardware:
8x Socket Head Screw M4 x 0.7 mm Thread, 10 mm Long
8x Steel Washer for M4 Screw Size :

For mounting the bottom piece of aluminum to the case i used custom 3-D printed standoffs printed out of ABS and glued to the case with 3M adhesive, the standoffs have heat set inserts as well.

Bottom Mount Hardware:
Button Head Hex Drive Screw 1/4"-20 Thread Size, 1/2" Long:
Heat-Set Inserts for Plastic Brass, 1/4"-20 Thread Size :
3M Scotch-Weld Structural Plastic Adhesive DP8005:


Thank you so very much…truly appreciate this…

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So, I have another question, and it may just be me not following, once you have this plate and you fasten the plate to the case, how do you secure/tighten the 2 monitors to their mounts…i can’t see how to get you hand or tool properly to tighten them in place…or is there a separate mount used which articulates out, so as to attach the monitors to?

Sorry…just cant see how…

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So i screw the monitors into the metal plate before you put it into the box, and there’s just enough room on the bottom and top of the monitors to screw the plate to the box

The other cases I was looking at using was a NANUK 990 which instead of mounting the monitors to the lid with a metal plate I would’ve just drilled directly through the lid and screwed the monitors directly to the lid. The one issue is it’s hard to find monitors that were thin enough to fit into the lid I think under 1.5" thick.

So if I did this again I would use the NANUK 990 and I would probably disassemble the monitors just to put the LCD panels in the lid and the power supply and control unit in the bottom of the case

Ok I see what you are saying on how to put it in place…looked at the case you suggested, was wondering about the strength of that lid vs the strength of the Pelican 1745…loving this, giving me proper direction to the case I am looking to build.

What do you think of the 1770, i wanna put quite a few things in a case like this…but my concern is the weight and configuration of all the parts together… sigh

So I would say the biggest downside with the 1770 is that it is 18.75lbs heavier than the 1745 as well it is about 10.6" longer then the 1745 and the 1770 is 225$CAD more than the 1745. That being said the 1745 is be quite a bit flimsier, but if you decide to do the metal plate like I did it strengthens the case quite a bit. Also the 1770 would have no spots to put Heat-Set Inserts to mount the monitors without drilling or gluing onto the lid.

What are you thinking about putting into the case?

Yeah I kinda wanted to take your larger rolling case setup and put it into a 1770…basically…with some more mods of course…

Here is the list of what i want to put in it -
MR18 - not a must - could put with a different case
8 mic set - HH/LV/HW - not a must - could put with a different case

20 x 20 Video Hub
16 port PoE switch (to get power & control for the 5 PTZ cameras i will be getting plus the Pi)
ATEM Extreme ISO
2 x RPi (PlayoutBee, Companion and Speedify)
PTZ controller
WebPresenter 4K or Halo (or both…set 1 strictly for stream and the other for Zoom)
Mac mini /small PC for titling and Zoom
6 x BiDirectional BMD
A/V patch panel
Access point/Router
2 x StreamDeck XL
1200 VA UPS (probably deconstruct the UPS and spread the components to balance the weight…)
1000 watt PC power supply, (using this to remove as many power bricks out of the space as possible)
5 fans - 2 in 3 out
2 x 21" - 23" monitors
1 x duo scope monitor
1 x 17" Broadcast monitors
those last 2 set would be for the PTZ camera controller side…

granted i know this gonna get heavy…fast…but don’t have a van, i have a car that i can drop the back seat…so i have to work within my limitations…and in most of my cases, setup time is critical…so trying to make it as turn key as possible…and as bulletproof as possible…

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This looks beautiful. Any better pics or drawings of that converter case? I’m looking to do something similar. Also, how are the components like USB power and ethernet switch attached?

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I just bought Anker 5 outputs usb supply and it came with a sticky pad included in the box.

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Here’s some pictures of the 3D model I can share the model if needed.
And all the things that are not bolted down, are stuck on with 3M VHB double sided tape


The only thing I would be worried about making fit into the box would be the 20 x 20 Video Hub as you would have to have quite a bit of depth and less you were not planning to use the front control panel on it.

A box that would perfectly fit your needs would be the one I built for my ATEM equipment
My Custom Built Fly Pack/Road Case For The ATEM Production Studio 4K there is lots of road case companies that could build something like this much smaller.

So jealous of your skills… I have a trunk case that I have been dreaming of turning into something slick like this, but I wouldn’t know where to start.

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