Cropping/zooming on ATEM Mini

My camera has a black frame in the HDMI out. So it isn’t 100% clean. But if I could zoom in or crop the HDMI coming out of the camera, it would be pure.

Can the ATEM Mini crop the top/bottom/left/right from camera 1 live? If so, how?

With the new greater-than-100% DVE scale it should be possible. Resolution may not look great, but it should work.

Yep what Nate said, plus that will also use up your upstream keyer so you won’t be able to also greenscreen things.

Thanks @Nate. Sounds like what I need. Can you or @aaronpk tell me how? I looked through the ATEM Mini manual and didn’t see DVE scale anywhere. I did see DVE squeeze in the transition section but I’m not transitioning; it is static. Can you either give me some simple instructions or point me to a reference somewhere please?

Bump. Nobody can tell me the way to handle what you’re suggesting? I’m grateful for any more guidance. Read the manual and cannot put together what you’re saying with what it says. Just please give me some steps if you will please. @aaronpk and/or @Nate. Or whoever is reading this. Thanks in advance!

Aaron showed in his last live feed. I think it was 1/2 way through the feed

Here’s where I talked about it in the stream!

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Watch this croped video using ATEM MINI
DVE scale is possible. Resolution looks great for me. I am satisfied with this technic. thank you guys.

@Jancy_varghese Regardless of the tech used, I was vibing with your video. Nice job. I love your work.

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