Creating a ticketed livestream event?

Hello all,

My main livestream client (music venue owner), after our successful event last Friday evening, wants to replay the livestream as a ticketed event for customers who did not get to see it live last week. Apparently the artist has asked about doing this and now we are looking for the best ways to do this.

They have a premium Vimeo account and I am aware that we might be able to do what is needed via something like Event Brite and Vimeo. However, as I have not done this before I wondered if anyone else may have and could offer advice?

One thing we did with the livestream last Friday was use Vimeo to push the stream to the client’s YouTube account, as they wanted to ensure people could watch the show on as many devices, TVs in particular, and Vimeo is not compatible on a lot of TV units as we have learned. Is there a way of doing the embedded video via YouTube and Vimeo with a ticket system such as Event Brite does anyone know?

If any of you lovely lot can offer some help it would be greatly appreciated. I have been researching, and will continue to so, but thought it prudent to ask some of you guys as you may have some advice on this area.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

This site has already proven incredibly helpful and I hope I can offer help to others, like I have received, to repay the kindness. :smiley:

I’ve sold films via Vimeo and Reelhouse and VHX (now Vimeo) and they all work fine in my experience.

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Monetizing a live (remote) video is something I have done for the last year. I have been providing live woodturning demonstrations to clubs, organizations and individuals for the past 14 months. Whether it is live in person or live remote you need to have a really good video and audio in your recording.

YouTube does not allow using a ‘pay wall’ so using a ticketing system with YT is a breach of their terms of service. So Vimeo is the better way to go. If you pushed the event to a YT account then it is out there to be shared without restriction. Even is the YT is set to unlisted the share link is still there. Turn the YT video to private or remove it if you want full control.

The simplest way is to use Vimeo VOD pages. Setting it up takes a bit of work but not bad - upload the feature and a trailer, create a poster add in description and you can set your video for purchase (buy) or for rent (for a period of time).

I have embedded the Vimeo On Demand links on my website so that I can drive website viewers to the videos.

For live events I sell tickets via my website. I have a WordPress based ecommerce site and I use Event Tickets, and Event Tickets: Virtual Events as a way of creating and selling tickets. I will post a new event and market tickets via my email list, FB, my weekly livestream and anywhere else I can.


I would build on what Tod is doing. A number of agencies (event agencies) I’ve worked for sell bespoke solutions. Those solutions are often in fact nothing more than a Vimeo embed on a webpage with a password emailed to attendees. Many of them are also using Vimeo chat…but I find that clunky as it requires attendees to login separately to the chat.

Depending on the expected attendance and other factors you might also consider working with the artist and client to use something like Crowdcast. If it is a premium replay ticket for a small enough audience the artist could come on live at the beginning and perhaps then again for q&a at the end and even bring select ticket holders up on stage (show their video) to ask their questions live? Just depends on what you are going for…

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@Tod thanks for your reply. Do you use Vimeo for livestreams and embed the stream within your Wordpress website? The client has Wordpress and I am keen for him to embed his livestreams, if it is robust enough a system with the plugins you suggest.

I have just read a bit about the Event Tickets, Event Tickets Plus and The Events Calendar. From what I understand it is possible using this, but thought I might ask you for your real world experience if you do this? Does it work well?

Thanks again for your input. It is much appreciated.

Thanks @Joe_AlphaCreative

@proaudioservices I do not use Vimeo for livestreams (yet). I use StreamYard and stream to my YT and FB pages. In my case the livestreams are free access. I do embed the real-time YT livestream on my website so that customers can watch there. It is just a YT embed but it works. I also embed all the past livestreams on my website for convenience and content to keep customers on my website. I use a plugin called “Embed Plus for YouTube Pro”.

Remember I have an e-commerce site running WooCommerce. For paid events I use Zoom. I will sell tickets on my website with “Events Tickets Plus” and “The Events Calendar: Virtual Events”. The latter has a api call to your Zoom account and can schedule the Zoom meeting with in the website calendar event setup. This then works with “Event Ticket Plus” to create a ticket for the virtual event. When someone purchases a ticket they go through the e-commerce checkout and receive a receipt and ticket email with the Zoom details. This whole process works well. The only thing that I was, and still not keen about, is that Event tickets forces ticket buyers to register on the website before they purchase. I am conflicted about this aspect - as a business ecommerce business I want the traffic and email address; as a consumer I see it as a barrier to buying a ticket. So far I have been successful with it. It takes some time to setup but after that setting up new pay per view ticketed events is relatively easy. Marketing them is the hard part.

As I said previously I have just started to ‘rent’ my previously recorded content via Vimeo On Demand (VOD). Currently my website for this redirects you to the VOD pages for purchase. There is a way to keep the transaction on my website with some setup from your website hosting domain registration stuff. Still thinking about doing this but need to test it out. With my investment in Vimeo growing I may upgrade and use their streaming platform. I just like how easy StreamYard is.

Since Tod mentioned using Zoom, I should point out that Zoom is limited to 720p UNLESS you have an Enterprise or Business account. The standard pro account is still only 720p. Note that a business license requires a minimum of 10 seats! That’s a significant cost jump from the “pro” license.

In any case, I’d carefully research video quality on Zoom before going that direction.

Mark this is a good point. I record in 1080p but the live events have been in lower quality until recently (last 3 months) when a group of us upgraded to a business account. Now we definitely get 720p and just recently are getting 1080p through Zoom. We have a group leader, that owns the account, that requested the 1080p. Zoom is, at their discretion, setting business accounts back to 1080p. As I said though all the recordings I do are in 1080p. These are the ones that I rent.

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Thanks for your input guys. Really appreciated.