Controlling the ATEM Mini/ATEM Mini Pro with Companion

I wanted to run folks through a fast way to get up and running the Companion and the Stream Deck to control the ATEM Mini - and here it is.


@john I find this app for iPad ctrl for ipad (, Do you think it could be used to control a ATEM Switcher?

Really useful @john. Thanks

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Thanks John, how could this be used to program macros to trigger video clips to play?

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@john got my stream deck today and started with companion, it’s great :slight_smile: One thing I found however, is that the current version of companion did not recognize the stream deck on my mac. I switched to the beta version and it worked. This does make me slightly nervous - any ideas what might be wrong with the current version? I didn’t have stream deck’s own app running.

P.S. I’ve solved the question on video clips with a hyperdeck.

This is a known issue with the latest version of the Stream Deck - it seems that Elgato changed the inner workings a little! Good that you went for the beta build though - that would have been my suggestion

Just got Companion myself. Sadly id does not connect to any of my four ATEMs. Trying it with my Mini Pro now, but the GUI element stays yellow stating “connecting”. Any idea why this could be? Am running firmware 8.4 on my ATEM. Can this be an issue?

Screenshot 2020-08-19 at 12.17.51

I am able to connect to the ATEM via the Control Setup and have no other problems within the network to control or connect to the ATEM. Also no issues controlling my macros with the iPad Strata app. Works.

Thanks in advance for any help

This is most likely an issue with the IP address entered or possibly something to do with the connection to your computer. Just to confirm that you are using the network for control of the ATEM Software Control… I find it best to unplug the USB cable to the ATEM just to be sure.

Just open up the ATEM Setup tool to triple check the IP address.

Apologies if you have tried all of this before, but it’s great to get back to the basics when trying to help over a forum!

Hey John. Thanks for the fast reply. Yip. Triple checking this is best :wink:

IP is correct, but will check without USB and will check my AVM Ethernet Plug as well. Really strange, though :wink:

Well, you see: such questions let you check other possible problems as well. Turns out it must have been the AVM Powerline adapter which connects my ATEM to the network. Rebootet that one and now it works :wink:

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Good to hear you are back on track!

Companion auto-detect doesn’t (yet) recognise the ATEM Mini Pro ISO. The status page shows yellow status and the message “Unknown model: ATEM Mini Pro ISO. Some bits may be missing”…

I’ve just set mine manually as ATEM Mini Pro and all seems to be OK.

EDIT: The latest beta has the ISO included.



Exact same. Thanks for heads up on beta.