Controlling the ATEM Mini/ATEM Mini Pro with Companion

I wanted to run folks through a fast way to get up and running the Companion and the Stream Deck to control the ATEM Mini - and here it is.


@john I find this app for iPad ctrl for ipad (, Do you think it could be used to control a ATEM Switcher?

Really useful @john. Thanks

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Thanks John, how could this be used to program macros to trigger video clips to play?

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@john got my stream deck today and started with companion, it’s great :slight_smile: One thing I found however, is that the current version of companion did not recognize the stream deck on my mac. I switched to the beta version and it worked. This does make me slightly nervous - any ideas what might be wrong with the current version? I didn’t have stream deck’s own app running.

P.S. I’ve solved the question on video clips with a hyperdeck.

This is a known issue with the latest version of the Stream Deck - it seems that Elgato changed the inner workings a little! Good that you went for the beta build though - that would have been my suggestion