Controlling gamma over Atem Mini pro stream

What’s the best way to control gamma between the camera, Atem mini pro and the final stream the people see on youtube? The problem is that image in from the camera is not the same as image out at the other end. What adjustments are made by the Atem and by Youtube?

I’m using canon cameras and sending clog seems to work okish as more contrast gets added in. Sending BT709 ends up too contrasty.

Any ideas?

PS maybe the gamma control in the camera section of the ATEM Mini Pro works? I’ve not tried that as I’d understood that was only for BM Cameras from the manual.

ATEM doesn’t have any image controls, Youtube does reencoding, but it shouldn’t affect the image (too much at least).
Gamma control in the ATEM is for remote controlling BM cameras, the camera itself then adjusts the image.

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Thanks Gimzo, I’ll run some more tests as the image looks quite different between atem monitor and youtube monitor using identical monitor model and settings.

try connecting to a service you know does not process the image (like your own rtmp server, or streaming bridge or something).
It’s possible ATEM’s encoder does something (like setting color range to full instead of partial), or the receiving server does it.