Control Playoutbee from Companion?

It does not appear Playoutbee is directly supported in Companion. How are folks getting around this? Are you just creating ATEM macros that control it as a “hyperdeck” or is there some other trick? I considered the macro approach but I can’t get Playoutbee to pause from the ATEM software, once launched a video always plays to the end (unless I use Playoutbee’s web control page).


in the “Upcoming Updates” on their page it says there is going to be an update for control over OSC which then will allow you to use the stream deck directly

Unfortunately that “upcoming update” has been there for a long time so I’m not confident it will happen anytime soon. In any case, I need a solution I can implement now, even if it is a kluge. I certainly hope a more elegant solution (like via OSC) becomes available before long though.

atemOSC app has basic hyperdeck control this would be the bridge between the stream deck and hyperdeck. I don’t know if this would work for you…

Releases · SteffeyDev/atemOSC · GitHub

I have been using the Hyperdeck module in Companion to talk directly to Playoutbee, have you tried that?


Thanks John. Did you have to do anything special to set it up? I tried adding a “Hyperdeck” instance to Companion and pointed it at my Playoutbee, but it refused to connect. Which model “Hyperdeck” did you tell companion you were using?

update: got it working (hyperdeck studio mini), but the instance status keeps toggling between “OK” and “Error” - “instance(hyperdeck): Connected to a NodeJS Hyperdeck Server Library” . Obviously button presses during an Error cycle do nothing, but work fine if you press when status is “OK”.

(Edit: Error appears every 11 seconds. I have re-booted both Companion and Playoutbee, but no change)

Any idea what might be up? Companion is running on a Pi, latest version.


Not so sure about that one, but I believe the HyperDeck only likes to be connected to one device at a time, could be that it is connected to another device in your network?

That was my thought as well, but I don’t know what else would be trying to talk to it. My ATEM is not connected to any hyperdecks and I can’t think of anything else that would be pinging that IP address.

Just an update - I was running version 2.1.2 of companion and node.js was v8.17.0. I recently updated to companion 2.2.0 and node.js to 12.19.1, but the behavior remains - playoutbee drops connection every 11 seconds.

john - did you install playoutbee manually or use the provided image? I was just using the provided image, but perhaps I’ll try a manual install next.

I used the image also!

Hi guys I have the same problem like Mark.
My Hyperdeck (Rasperry Pi with the latest Playout Bee Image) instance in Companion toggle ever 10 seconds from Error to Ok.

Is there an any stable way to control Playout Bee in Companion?