Connecting you to the Catie & Co workstation

Hi everyone

I’m new here but a regular on several Discord and Facebook AV production/equipment groups.

I completely rebuilt my media workstation during lockdown as I work from my home anyway.

There are a few more upgrades and ‘would-be-nice’ items on the list including a physical StreamDeck XL (I’ve set everything up on the emulator ready) and an upgrade to CAM1.

The majority is done and just in time to start on a second build for a local non-profit production company I am working with locally.

I have an old Raspberry Pi which might push me to investigate if it’s capable enough to be used on the workstation.


Thanks for the likes. I’ve just sent the RODECaster Pro back today as it’s the worst mixer I’ve ever owned. Poor pre-amps and a dead channel in the first one I had - buggy software still and a failing touchscreen in the second.

Moving to a Yamaha TF1 instead. I’m done with cheap mixers in a production workstation!

That’s interesting, I see a lot of workstation photos with the rodecaster but I don’t see a lot of people singing its praises. I feel like they’ve done an excellent job at marketing it, but that maybe it’s not quite worth the money. I haven’t used one myself but I have definitely been tempted!

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It’s certainly not worth the money Aaron. I have pulled the trigger on a used Yamaha TF3+DANTE for both workstation audio routing, video production and on-site event production for the company I am now working with as their engineer.