Connecting two Atem minis with Companion

I just purchased an ATEM Mini to connect to my ATEM Mini Pro in order to add two additional HDMI inputs. I will plug it into input #4. I’m using Companion and I would love to be able to control both my ATEMs with my Stream Deck XL.

First of all, is this doable? If so, do I need to connect the Ethernet from my new Mini directly to my Mac computer or can I just connect it to my network? My Mini Pro is connected directly to the computer via usb-c and Ethernet.

Do I need to have two ATEM software panels running? If so, do I need to download a second one? Are there any settings to change to make these work simultaneously? How would I know which one is which.

Do I need to change any settings, like the IP address of my new Mini, for Companion to register a new instance? If so, what is the exact procedure for doing that.

I’m pretty new to all this so changing IP addresses seems like a pretty terrifying undertaking.

Is there anything else I need to do to make everything play nicely?

Thank you in advance for any and all assistance.

Hi @Paintyou. This is completely doable. I was running 3 ATEM minis until 30 minutes ago and using one Streamdeck. My use case was slightly different and each ran to a separate Mac Mini.

That aside, here is what I would suggest and perhaps Aaron or others might tag on with additional thoughts. I would route all the ATEMs into a $30-40 TP Link ethernet switcher and you Mac as well.

The thing to remember is that you have to setup a new “manual” ip address for the second device. Also you’ll need to separately “restore” it each time as well as doing an “individual page” import for Companion if you organize each ATEM to a separate page of keys.

Outside of that if the second ATEM is not streaming and only providing additional sources to the first ATEM, you should in theory be fine.

Thank you Joe. I’m new at this. My questions may seem dumb but for me this is all a steep learning curve.

Where exactly would I set the new IP Address? Would I need to do this every time I start up? Do I need two ATEM software panels, one for each and then“restore” each at startup? Would the IP Address need to be reset in more than one location?

I would like to have controls for each ATEM sharing pages in Companion. Is that possible?

Thanks again for responding. Very much appreciated.

You need to know IP addresses of both ATEMs to use them in companion. They also need to be on the same network your computer is on. You can set ATEMs IP address in ATEM setup. Mini has a default address of and doesn’t support DHCP (getting address from your network gateway), while Mini Pro does, and it’s on your network by default.
IMHO, the best thing to do is get a small router that you’ll always have your ATEMs and companion computer plugged into, setting fixed addresses to all of them, and using the router to connect to unknown networks.

Thank you Gizmo.

So instead of having both ATEMs plugged into a router which is connected to the computer, you’re saying to have the computer and both ATEMs plugged into a router which connects to the network. I’ll give it a go.

The only thing I’m unclear about is do I need a seperate software panel for each ATEM?

Thanks again for your info.